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Best componets for Your dies and moulds from the whole World

E-Normalie servis

E-normalie servis is supplier of normalized standard parts on Czech and Slovak market. We are young company but we have long experience with supplies of normalized parts with subsequent service for die tools and moulds. We offer complete production of tools and precise spare parts. We are specialized in electroerosive machining, CNC milling, spot and shape grinding with high precision.

Our company supplies parts according to ISO, VDI, DIN, NAAMS, AFNOR, JIS norms and additionally, it specialises in production of parts according to the customers' documentation either 2D or 3D. We supply ISO and JIS standard wire springs, gas springs, tapping units, cam units, guide pillars, guide bushings, wear plates, punches, die buttons, retainers, die sets, transporting elements, rottating eyebolts, ejectors, polyurethans, ball cages, linear guiding, lifters, etc.

We represent major World manufacturers who are traditional suppliers for automotive and other industries. Our suppliers are closely examined, certified suppliers, all approved by major automotive companies such as VW, Škoda, Audi, BMW, Opel, GM, Ford, Toyota etc. They are well known for high quality and long product life of their products meaning they save time and costs to our customers.

normalized standard parts


voestalpine Camtec GmbH MOLDMAKER.EU Conveyor 22 Azol-Gas
AEM Stamperia Carcano Giuseppe S.p.A.



Repairs of dies and moulds by micropulse welding.

On demand welding of precise technical components.

When strictly following technology and using suitable welding material, micropulse TIG welding can be compared with precision to laser. With this technology, carbon steel can be successfully welded and when the suitable welding material is used, working life can be increased. It is important to evaluate suitability of welding technology (time, costs, deformation, technical execution). Welding can be performed directly at customer's facility.

Service of Migatronic welding equipment

We provide service of Migatronic welding equipment.

Training and consultancy services.

We perform training course for micropulse TIG welding that is suitable for our customers for repairs of forms and tools. After agreement, this training can be performed directly in your company.

  • Consultancy for choosing the right welding technology, welding materials and protective equipment.
  • Production of samples.
  • Consultancy services.


E - Normalie servis s.r.o.

invoicing address

Rybná 716/24, Staré Město
110 00 Praha  

IČO: 02600757

Registered at business register by City court in Prague, section C, insert 221241.

visiting address and store

delivery address

Brněnská 131
591 01 Žďár nad Sázavou  

 +420 566 521 436


 +420 724 106 684