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- punche, die buttons, retainers, CNC components according to customers' documentation

Tipco is one of major global suppliers of punches (ISO8020), ball lock punches (ISO10071), die buttons and retainers according to automotive industry norms with over 50 years of tradition. We also supply punches from tungsten carbides and ceramics (Al203, ZrO2, Si3N4)

This company with its HQ in Ontario, Canada and USA with more than 150 employees have several production facilities worldwide. Main production facilities and stores for European market are located in Italy and in the UK. In case of breakup of your tool, we are able to supply you with required goods within 2nd day directly into your company. Tipco will gladly help you with production of non-standardized parts according to your documentation. Our customers for these products are for example General Motors, Magna, 
Daimler Chrysler, Ford, Fiat, Renault etc.
  • Speed - we supply even shape punches within 2nd day from your order directly to your company
  • We offer complete production of tools and precise spare parts. We are specialized in electroerosive machining, CNC milling, spot and shape grinding with high precision.
  • Quality - more than 50 years of experience
  • Low price